Spring 2022 Trine Course Catalog

Arts and Sciences

Trine University’s Jannen School of Arts & Sciences includes:

The School

The Jannen School of Arts and Sciences was named in honor of Robert L. Jannen, a 1950 chemical engineering graduate and former member of the University’s Board of Trustees, and his wife Dolores. The Jannen School prepares students in communication, criminal justice, English, psychology, and mathematics for careers in their chosen fields. The professional focus of its degree programs ensures graduates are ready for the workplace; the School’s commitment to a liberal arts education prepares these same graduates to succeed, lead, and serve in a rapidly changing global economy in which the ability to solve problems creatively, think critically, and communicate effectively are often more highly valued than a technical education alone. The School also serves the entire student body by teaching the majority of the general education courses required for all programs.