Spring 2021 Trine Course Catalog

Board of Trustees

Year in parentheses denotes when affiliation with board began.


Rick L. James (2010) Chair

Fort Wayne, Indiana

B.S.B.A. (Tri-State University); Hon. DBA (Trine University);

Chairman/CEO, Metal Technologies, Inc., Auburn, Indiana

Jack Shaw (2010) Vice Chair

Coldwater, Michigan

B.S.E.E. (Purdue University)

President and CEO (ret.) Hughes Electronics Corp., Coldwater, Michigan

Lynn A. Brooks (2007) Secretary

Auburn, Indiana

B.S.B.A. (Tri-State University)

President and CEO (ret.), Rieke Corporation, Auburn, Indiana


Jerry L. Allen (1995)

Chair Emeritus Board of Trustees

Westfield Center, Ohio

B.S.M.E., Hon. D.E. (Tri-State University)

President, Conduit Space Recovery Systems, LLC

Sarasota, Florida

Michael D. Axel (2020)

Kendallville, Indiana

B.A. (Wabash College); M.B.A. (Vanderbilt University)

CFA, Founder and President, AMI Investment Management Inc.

James D. Bock (2003)

Elkhart, Indiana

B.S.M.E. (Tri-State University);

President/Owner (ret.) Bock Engineering Co., Elkhart, Indiana

Keith E. Busse (2003)

Fort Wayne, Indiana

B.S.B.A. (University of Saint Francis); M.B.A. (Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne);

Hon. DBA (University of Saint Francis); Hon. DBA (Trine University)

Chairman, Board of Directors Steel Dynamics, Inc., Fort Wayne, Indiana

Michael J. Eikenberry (2014)

Fort Wayne, Indiana

B.S.B.A. (Ball State University) (Retired),

President (ret.) PNC Bank, Fort Wayne, Indiana

James P. Fabiani (2001)

Vice Chair Emeritus Board of Trustees

McLean, Virginia

B.S. (Harvard); M.Ed. (University of Massachusetts);

Chair and CEO, Fabiani & Company, Washington, DC

Lawrence A. Franks (1984-2002) (2004)

Chair Emeritus Board of Trustees

Sturgis, Michigan

B.S.M.E., Hon. D.E. (Tri-State University)

President (ret.) Burr Oak Tool, Inc., Sturgis, Michigan

Tomas Furth (1997)

New York, New York

B.S.M.E., B.S.Ch.E., Hon. D.E. (Tri-State University)

President, Sudamtex Holding, Caracas, Venezuela

William A. Gettig (1984)

Chair Emeritus Board of Trustees

Spring Mills, Pennsylvania

B.S.M.E., Hon. D.E. (Tri-State University); Hon. Doctor of Laws,

(Susquehanna University)

President and C.E.O., Gettig Technologies Inc, Spring Mills, Pennsylvania

Timothy J. Haffner (2016)

Fort Wayne, Indiana

B.A. (Wabash College)

J.D. (Indiana University Maurer School of Law)

Partner, The Law Firm of Faegre Baker Daniels, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Rick Henvey (2017)

Fort Wayne, Indiana

B.S.B.A., M.S. (Southern Nazarene University)

Chief Operating Officer, Parkview Health, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Senator Dennis Kruse (2010)

Auburn, Indiana

B.S., GRI and CAI (Indiana University)

Indiana State Senator, Indianapolis, Indiana

Stephen R. LaHood (2004-2010, 2014)

Sarasota Florida

B.S.B.A. (Tri-State University)

President/Owner (ret.) Senior Vice-President, Operations PartyLite, Sarasota Florida

Richard L. Oeder (1995)

Morrow, Ohio

B.S.C.E. (Tri-State University)

Area Manager (ret.), Columbia Gas of Ohio, Springfield, Ohio

Derek S. Reiners (2017)

Tulsa, Oklahoma

B.S.B.A., M.Acc. (Oklahoma State University)

Senior Vice President, Finance and Treasurer, ONEOK, Inc., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Larry E. Reiners (2009)

Tulsa, Oklahoma

B.S.C.E. (Tri-State University)

Manager, ISTI Plant Services, Catoosa, Oklahoma

Mitchel E. Rhoads (2006)

Longboat Key, Florida

B.S.B.A. (Tri-State University)

Chairman, Rhoads Holding, Ltd., Longboat Key, Florida

Elizabeth F. Rooney (2014)

New York, New York

B.A.S. (Boston College)

Product Marketing Manager, Google Inc., New York, New York

Jason Stechschulte (2019)

Findlay, Ohio

B.S.C.E. (Tri-State University)

Business Development Manager, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Findlay, Ohio

Marlin Stutzman (2019)

Middlebury, Indiana

Applied Management (Tri-State University)

Managing Partner, Osmium Holdings, LLC., Howe, Iowa

CEO, Stutzman Power Equipment, Inc., Shipshewana, Inc.

Jeffrey L. Tuner (2019)

Auburn, Indiana

B.S. (Ball State University)

J.D. (Indiana University School of Law)

Attorney at Law

Senior VP Administration & Corp. Sect. (ret.), Metal Technologies, Inc., Auburn, Indiana

Keith M. Turner (2014)

Angola, Indiana

B.S.M.E. (Tri-State University); M.S.B.A. (Indiana University)

Cofounder (ret.) Metal Technologies Group, Auburn, Indiana

Theresa E. Wagler (2011)

Fort Wayne, Indiana

B.A. (Taylor University)

Executive Vice President and CFO Steel Dynamics, Inc. Fort Wayne, Indiana

R. Wyatt Weaver (2004)

Angola, Indiana

B.S. and M.D. (Indiana University)

Parkview Physician’s Group, Angola, Indiana