Fall 2020 Trine Course Catalog

General Education Requirements

General Education Philosophy

The purpose of the general education curriculum components is to provide the Trine University graduate with skills necessary to think critically and to communicate clearly with persons in all professions. The General Education requirements are designed to ensure breadth of knowledge and to promote intellectual inquiry and critical thinking.

General Education Outcomes

After completion of the general education curriculum, the student will be able to:

  • present written thoughts in an effective manner using correct grammar, punctuation, and organization of ideas,
  • communicate thoughts orally in an effective manner,
  • demonstrate critical thinking skills utilizing information and thought processes by various perspectives listed in the philosophy, and
  • demonstrate use of quantitative problem solving and reasoning skills.

The General Education Requirements consist of courses in two categories: skills and perspectives

Skills courses include written and oral communication courses as identified by individual degree programs.

Perspective courses are required for all degrees, with specific information identified in the General Education Requirement section of the catalog. Perspective courses are divided into the following areas:

  • Sciences – to learn to use analytical tools and applications in the study of that which is material.
  • Mathematics – to learn to connect mathematical ideas and applications in the study of that which is material.
  • Humanities – to learn to appreciate the achievements which humanity has accomplished.
  • Social Sciences – to gain insight into the effects of human behavior on the individual, society, and the world through history as well as in current times.