Fall 2020 Trine Course Catalog

Career Services

Career Services offers programs and services to assist students and alumni to make career decisions and pursue the skill development necessary to compete in a rapidly changing, competency-based, global workplace. Career planning is an on-going process that begins when the student is a freshman and continues throughout the student’s senior year. The office of Career Services works collaboratively with academic departments, faculty members, student services, employers and other relevant constituents to enhance students’ career development and participation in internships and other experiential education programs. Career Services accumulates and makes accessible information and resources pertaining to career exploration, workforce trends, the job search, employment opportunities, current salary trends, and graduate employment statistics. The resources of Career Services are available throughout the student’s academic preparation and when the student becomes an alumnus.

*Job placement is not guaranteed to students upon graduation.

Employment Assistance

Students are offered advice and coaching for procuring major-related internships, cooperative education assignments, and full-time employment. Career Services facilitates communication between job seekers and employers, which includes hosting career fairs, networking events, guest speakers, and arranging student interviews for representatives of business, industry, and educational institutions who visit campus to recruit prospective employees. Career Services also reaches out to relevant individuals, campus offices, alumni, and external agencies to establish and maintain effective relations, disseminate information about programs and services, and increase experiential learning and employment opportunities for the benefit of Trine University students.