Spring 2022 Trine Course Catalog

Dual Enrollment Program for High School Students

Trine University provides an opportunity for high school students to earn dual credit (college and high school credit simultaneously). Courses are offered in the following ways: on Trine University campuses and online (blended with Trine University students), and on the campuses of participating high schools (strictly for high school students through the concurrent enrollment program).

To qualify for Dual Enrollment, students must meet the following requirements: submit an official Dual Enrollment application and a current high school transcript, be in good academic standing in high school (GPA of B or higher or by recommendation of the high school guidance counselor), successfully completed the sophomore year of high school, and be currently enrolled in a public, private, or home school.

Courses on campus and online are offered throughout the calendar year, and students may register for any courses in which they meet the prerequisites. Courses on high school campuses are offered during the school year, and high schools only offer specific courses. Tuition is set at a significantly reduced rate. Students taking courses on the campuses of Trine University or online must provide the books specified by the course syllabus; students enrolled in the concurrent enrollment program generally rent books through their regular high school book rental program (this is decided by the participating high school).

A high school student in the non-degree Dual Enrollment Program may earn up to 90 credit hours. If the student completes all academic course requirements to earn an associate degree, the student will be awarded an associate degree on the condition the student attends Trine University directly after high school graduation and successfully completes one semester as a full-time degree-seeking student

All Dual Enrollment students must sign enrollment forms which cover the policies and procedures related to Dual Enrollment participation. Dual Enrollment students are registered students with the university and must abide by policies stated in the Trine University Student Handbook.

Trine University Dual Enrollment is a member of the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP).

More information is available at trine.edu or by calling the Dual Enrollment office at 260.665.4819.