FALL 2021 Trine Course Catalog

Payment of Education Costs

For updated payment of costs please go to trine.edu/costs.

Payment of tuition, fees, and room and board is due at the Business Office on the date indicated on the student’s bill. Any financial aid awarded will be deducted from the student’s charges each semester. Each student is responsible for purchasing books using funds from personal and/or financial aid sources. Any student with outstanding financial obligations to the University will not be permitted to register for any subsequent semester, or receive a transcript or diploma until the obligation is fulfilled. Students maintaining a balance owed to the University will be assessed late fees and will be responsible for collection and/or attorney costs if such efforts should become necessary.

*Please see specific program for additional fees.

Flat Rate Tuition

A flat rate tuition charge is assessed to each main campus student registered for the full-time load of 12–18 credit hours per semester. Individual credit hour charges are applied to overloads and loads less than full-time.

Auditing Fee

A fee is charged per credit hour for auditing courses. To learn the amount of this fee, call the Business Office.

Course Fees

Additional fees may be incurred for online courses and other specialized courses.

Engineering and Science Fee

A fee is charged for all engineering and science majors.

Enrollment Deposit

All admitted domestic applicants must confirm their intention to enroll by paying a $300 Enrollment Deposit. A portion of the fee ($150) will be used as a housing deposit. Enrollment deposits are fully refundable before May 1. Request for an extension must be made in writing.

Discounted Tuition

Discounted tuition may be available to students who have graduated from specific colleges that have prearranged agreements with Trine University. Certain criteria apply to receiving and continuing to receive the discount to these eligible students.

An eligible student must meet the qualifying criteria:

  • Graduated from an approved college with an associate’s degree and cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.
  • Maintain a 3.0 while at Trine University
  • Complete 30 hours at Trine University and fulfill all program requirements
  • May be a full or part-time student
  • Please note: To qualify for graduation honors a student must complete 40 hours at Trine University.

The discount may be used for a second bachelor’s degree if all other requirements are met. The discount may not be applied to Trine University’s graduate programs.

International Fee

All entering international students are assessed a one-time non-refundable fee upon enrollment for an orientation program and specialized programs and services. A portion of the fee will be used as a housing deposit. For additional fees related to international students please see International Admissions.

Student Fee

A fee is charged for all full-time students.

Monthly Payment Plan

A monthly payment plan service is available through a national organization specializing in education financing. Parents desiring information concerning the monthly payment plan may request a pamphlet from the business office, or at trine.edu.