Fall 2022 Trine Course Catalog

Spanish Minor (15 hrs.)

Jannen School of Arts and Sciences - Language and Humanities Department

Students who plan to enroll in the Spanish Minor must demonstrate a second semester competency in Spanish (SPN 123). Students can enroll in SPN 113 and SPN 123 at Trine. If they seek credit for first year Spanish as a heritage speaker or due to several years of study in high school, students must take either the CLEP exam and pass with a score of 4 or higher or the AP exam and pass with a 3 or higher. A grade of C or higher in all courses counting toward the minor is required.


Core Courses (15 hrs.)

SPN 203Spanish III


SPN 213Spanish IV


SPN 303Spanish Language


SPN 313Spanish Writing & Composition


SPN 323Spanish Culture


Total Credit Hours: 15